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Pneumatic quick couplers (also referred as air couplers, pneumatic quick couplings,or pneumatic quick disconnects), are primarily used for pneumatic applications, connecting air tools, hoses, or other implements to compressed air supplies. The coupler half contains a shut-off valve that is automatically opened when a mating nipple is inserted and automatically closes when the nipple is removed.

Longwei pneumatic quick couplings come in three basic designs: general purpose/manual connect, general purpose/push-to-connect, and special purpose.The standard seal material for all Longwei single shut-off couplers is Nitrile. Buna-N seals are available as options. 


What are pneumatic quick couplings used for?


Pneumatic quick couplings attach onto the end of hoses and allow them to connect quickly and easily to different types of equipment. These are often seen in locations where tools will be changed frequently, such as in dental surgeries.


Types of pneumatic quick connect couplings


Pneumatic quick couplings come in a variety of sizes, seals, connections, thread sizes, grades and materials. These adaptors allow the user to change the hose in a system so an assortment of tools can be interchanged quickly.

If you are interested in our pneumatic quick couplings,please feel free to contact us.


How to Select pneumatic quick couplings

Answer the following questions to determine which quick coupler would be most ideal for your application.

What are the functional requirements of the coupling
What is the maximum working pressure of the application
Which seals and body material are compatible with the system’s fluid
Is the application static or dynamic
What size coupler is required
What is the maximum pressure drop suitable for the application
Does the application require the ability to connect and disconnect under pressure
What is the media temperature and ambient temperature
What end configurations are required
Is an industry interchange coupler required
Is air inclusion and fluid loss a concern in the application

We offer Longwei's line of hydraulic and pneumatic quick couplings. Quick couplers are used when hoses or implements require connection and disconnection without the use of tools. A quick coupling assembly consists of two parts—the coupler body and the nipple. Contact us to know more.

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